URGENT: Transcendent Transmission from Yayo Corp

Global Clients,

Earlier today, a stronger and smarter man became richer than you before you got out of bed. Each day, the rich get richer and it becomes harder for the poor to buy assets.

Elites and slaves.

You’ve received several memos from my desk.

Hundreds of tweets demonstrating the massive upside potential of $YAYO, and the once-in-a-lifetime prices it sold for in this presale.

This much $YAYO will NEVER be offered at those prices again. It has already doubled, and it will NEVER be offered at THIS price again, either.

Most beginners in crypto don’t understand- the real money is made by those who have secured their place early in sales that take place BEFORE a coin is known by the public market.

You’ve been given a chance to know the developers, and to speak to me PERSONALLY in the War Room of our Telegram and Discord communities.

Those with a position at such an early stage OWN the market once the coin is released to the public. It is these whales that later buyers depend on for liquidity. It is these early adopters that SELL the coins that people are desperate to BUY.

By this point you have missed out on the first wave.

A massive transfer of wealth has been happening all year. However, this transfer is a continuous process.

As fiat currency continues to be devalued, as prices of commodities increases, smart money accumulates cryptocurrency.

When you secure your place in the presale of $YAYO, you are engraving your name into timeless marble into the history of Capital,

The Museum of Acquisition,

The Temple of Commerce,

And the odyssey of Political Economy.

$YAYO is the East meeting the West on the shores of the Pacific, dragon Ching energy combined with neo-futurism of the American Empire, synthesized through an ILO on the auspicious power of the day of the Blood Flower Moon into the engine of a financial algorithm.

You’re searching for money because you feel something is missing.

I will give you money, to show you that, in your search, you were always looking for something else.

Something deeper.

This is the Dawn of a New Aeon.

None of us can stand on the sidelines, especially those of us with the Power to Bend the World to Our Will.

Ask yourself out loud. Am I READY?

If yes, I’ll tell you what that extra something is.

Secure Tomorrow’s Money Today.

President of Planetary Sales at Yayo Corp, LLC. www.yayo.fund